Friday, June 21, 2013

And now I'm 24 Weeks!

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I have reasons. Pretty good ones. As you know from my previous post, my grandma passed away. Right after that I suffered from a terrible cold that lingered for over a week. And then I started my brand new job as an Academic Advisor, and have just been too darn busy learning new things and trying to get settled. Plus we have traveled every weekend for about a month. We took a mini-anniversary vacation to Hilton Head one weekend. We went up to Atlanta or my sister's graduation party (perhaps a separate post later!). And we went up again for my grandma's memorial and to celebrate Scott's birthday and Father's Day. So I've been a little busy! But, such is life. I know you aren't surprised if you've been a reader for long.

ANYWAY! We need to catch up on my bump pictures, don't we? :) I missed Week 20 because I was so sick and couldn't muster putting on regular clothes or makeup so I said no thanks. But here are the others!

21 weeks

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks
That belly is really growing now!

+ Baby Grayson is pretty active now. I'm currently feeling him nudge and kick me in 2 different places. :)
+ No one else, including Scott, has been able to feel Grayson's movements. There have definitely been some kicks, though, that I know could be felt from the outside. It's just hard to make sure someone is feeling at that exact moment because it happens so sporadically. And whenever anyone tries to put a hand to my belly (including me!), the stubborn little thing stops moving! Rude!! ;)
+ Still feeling great! Sleeping through the night (except getting up to pee 1-2 times), eating fairly normally, and still trying to work out regularly.
+ No cravings yet!
+ Still wearing many of my regular clothes. Dresses and skirts are my favorite and the most comfortable thing to wear, but most of my shirts still fit (it's just quite obvious that I'm pregnant!) and I can still wear my pants with the belly band, but I don't do that as often anymore.
+ Bought a few maternity shirts, a skirt, pair of shorts and a pair of denim capris, and some work slacks. It's definitely nice to have things that don't feel too tight! I also finally bought some bigger underwear and a new bra. Such relief!!! 
+ Moving around is becoming a little more challenging, but for the most part things are still pretty normal. Just getting used to looking down and seeing a growing belly! 
+ I no longer feel fat! There is no mistaking this belly as a baby bump! And now that I'm 6 months pregnant, I seem to get comments mostly on how tiny and in shape I am. Which, for someone who has struggled with weight for the past few years, feels pretty awesome! :)

And I guess that's pretty much it! Hope you all have been well. I'm sorry I didn't finish the May challenge, but I'm glad I participated for as long as I did. Life got in the way...not in the ways I expected, but that's okay. 

Happy Friday!
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