Friday, May 29, 2015

6 Year Anniversary - Our Story

For Christmas, after Scott and I had been dating for a year and recently gotten engaged, I made him a scrapbook that had a rhyming story of how we met, up through our engagement. For our 6 Year Anniversary, which is tomorrow, I revisited this idea. While I did not make another scrapbook (who has the time???), I did write another rhyming story, documenting from our wedding to now. Yes, it's long, but it rhymes so you can sort of bounce along and read it quickly! I was too impatient so I gave it to him today, and he suggested I share it publicly. So, here it is! Forgive the inside jokes...I think you'll still be able to get the gist!


The Storybook Romance Lives On: Finally, a Sequel Worth Having!

Christy and Scott, as you may recall,
Fell in love instantly, no warning at all.
With hearts set on fire and heads full of dreams,
They donned a dress and a suit and fingers with rings.
They made promises and vows—sealed with a kiss,
Then forged their own way to marital bliss.

Their earnings were modest, their apartment was small.
Filled with laughter and Tivo and one purple wall.
Subway lunches with Drady, Desperate Housewives and Scrubs.
Quickly gained a few pounds, the happiness chubs!
To add to the madness of tight living quarters,
Scott’s sister moved in and new paint was in order!
She worked on her master’s and shouted out, “BUMBY??”
She took a long bath and made Scott very grumpy!

Through changes in careers, confusion, and doubt,
They both discovered that Jesus is what it’s all about!
Church shopping, Wesley, and Bible studies too
They learned of grace, love, and forgiveness as their faith grew.
Scott went on Journey and after several suggestions,
Christy and Scott checked out Connection!
They loved the church; they felt right at home
They found a small group and called it their own.
Their first year together, Christy and Scott’s love was true
And they capped it all off with a Bahamas cruise!

The summer of 10, some changes were brewing.
The next thing you know, they were thinking of moving!
With their things all in boxes, clothes splattered with paint,
They moved to the country without a complaint.
There were chickens and dogs and a longer commute.
Scott drove a motorcycle and had land to shoot!
They took their first family trip to the beach
Christy started grad school, to counsel, not teach.
Scott’s grad school plans caused Christy frustration,
Until he finally settled on Higher Ed Administration!
This year was fun, exciting, and busy
To celebrate two years, they took a trip to Disney!

The third year was homework, the Ustore, CE,
Despite being busy, they were happy as can be!
Their oven caught fire while baking a cake,
They unsuccessfully fished out by the lake.
They did 30 Day Shred to shrink their behinds,
And got another cat because they both lost their minds!

Upon double couch they watched movies and shows,
Scott tended to a squash garden—rows upon rows!
Music, guitar, and bottles of wine,
Bonfires with family—they had a great time!
They were dunked in the water to publicly profess
A new life and devotion to the Lord Jesus!
What can you eat with your insides removed?
They learned this and more on their anniversary cruise!

The fourth year was harder, not quite a breeze,
They battled house shopping, skin issues, family drama, and FLEAS!
They went back to St. George and endured “the crowd”
Ropes like a spider’s web held their tent to the ground.
With two vacations, their summer was fun
But it was tainted with stress from working with Ron.
They sought the Lord fervently in study and prayer
When agreement on house buying just wasn’t there.
Despite the rough patches, their love saw them through.
Christy finished her master’s and they bought their first home, too!

God blessed them abundantly in January that year
With the promise of a new life drawing near.
Christy was pregnant, her belly was growing,
She just couldn’t wait until she was showing!
They went to the mountains on their babymoon
They knew their lives would be changing quite soon!
With the promise of new jobs, another great year to be wed,
They took a vacation to the beach of Hilton Head!

2013, another year wiser
They both took new jobs as academic advisors!
Scott finished his master’s, wearing his cap and gown,
And they took lots of pictures as Christy’s belly grew round.
Hypnobirthing, a doula, and prenatal exercises,
They prepared for natural labor and hoped for no surprises!
With zero pain medication and a breathing ritual,
Grayson James was born, 8 pounds—perfect and punctual!

How to describe the rest of that year?
Navigating parenthood and battling fear!
With rocking, singing, and not enough sleeping,
The house filled with laughter and also some weeping.
Mastering breastfeeding and also the pump,
They cleaned countless blowouts and did Super Jump!
Grayson started daycare, that semester really flew!
Christy and Scott celebrated 5 years at the Jacksonville Zoo!

The whole following year revolved around Grayson.
How could it not? He’s just too darn awesome!
He talks and he runs and drinks from a cup,
He dances and sings and rarely acts up
Fun and exhausting with still not much sleep,
That milestone always feels just out of reach!
They went back to St. George, turned the beach to their village
With coolers, tents, and umbrellas, it was quite an image!
There might have been a terrible bug infestation
But they didn’t let that ruin their summer vacation!

Christy’s brother moved in, another sibling on board
As they answered the prompting they heard from the Lord.
When Christmastime neared, in lieu of gifts,
The Curleys decided to go on a trip!
Back to the mountains, same cabin and rooms,
This time with Grayson outside of the womb.
To carry the theme of a year of redos
For their anniversary this year, another trip to a zoo!


Now it’s been 6 years, can that be true?
Their lives look much different since they first said, “I do.”
More than halfway through a decade, one year closer to ten,
Lots to look forward to, like Disney again!
No matter where life takes them, new houses, jobs, more kids,
They’ll do it all together, madly in love and best of friends! 

~May 30, 2015

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