Thursday, March 17, 2016

What's Up with the Curleys?

Well, it's been another one of those classic Christy gaps in posts! There is just so much real life going on! What else is new, huh?

Me, Myself, and I:
30 Weeks

33 Weeks

At the Wild Life Center - March 2016

Date night at Three Tree Coffee House - February 2016

What's new with me? Well, I feel gigantically pregnant, even though people still tell me I'm tiny (flatterers!). I haven't really documented this pregnancy at all on the blog, but I have gone back and read my (semi) weekly posts about my pregnancy with Grayson, and it's basically identical. Seriously. I read it and think, did I write this yesterday?! So, if you're curious what all is happening with me and my body...just go back and read those posts! ha! But I will tell you, I'm getting to the point where I'm just over it. Pregnancy is a blessing that I try not to take for granted, but man! The aches, pains, pressure, trouble breathing and difficulty walking, sleeping, sitting... it gets old! But I've been complication-free, so for that I'm thankful!

I was nominated by my students for the Outstanding New Advisor Award, through our national association - NACADA. This is the second year in a row my students have nominated me, which is awesome!! Then, I was chosen out of all the GA Southern nominees to represent GSU as our official nominee for this award. So, now I'm competing with other advisors across the country! Pretty exciting! I'm definitely humbled and honored to have been selected out of so many wonderful advisors who were nominated by their students and staff.

In other news at work, I spent 5 weeks facilitating a skills series for a group of academically at-risk students in our college. That was a fun experience, and hopefully made an impact for at least a couple of them. Unfortunately, as can be expected with that population, consistency and attendance were a big issue. By my last meeting, only 1 out of 7 showed up! But hey! If I helped 1 student, I'm happy!

I also just wrapped up teaching the First Year Seminar class for the third time. I definitely feel more confident each time I teach it, and I think this semester was my best one! The students seemed to appreciate the material a little more than some others have, and I think I did a good job engaging them as much as possible.

Other than work and being pregnant, I'm just enjoying all other aspects of life -- mornings reading the Bible with my wonderful husband, parenting my awesome 2 yr old, leading a small group for our church, and trying to get as much rest as I can before Adam comes in a few short weeks!! Eek!


Doing some yard work with his little helper! - November 2015

Fun on the bouncy slide at a birthday party! - February 2016

"Meeting" the eagle outside the hospital - February 2016

A little spring cleaning! - March 2016

Wild Life Center - March 2016

Scott was also nominated for the Outstanding Advisor Award by his students. Clearly the awesomeness runs in the family! ;) He has been busy at work, as usual.

He has also been busy leading the worship team for Konnection Kids at our church. He's basically in charge of that area, so he spends a lot of time coordinating with all the musicians, planning set lists, going to meetings with the other worship leaders, and - of course - practicing! I'm so proud of the dedication he puts into this ministry, and how much both he and the ministry have grown since he started it several years ago! :)

Since I didn't mention it on here before, he ran his first full marathon last November! He still goes for runs, but not nearly as often or for as long as he did when he was training. Of course he's in awesome shape still, but Grayson and I are happy that we don't have to share him with the streets of Statesboro quite as often anymore!

Scott has been reading up on the Bradley Method of birthing and is taking his role of birth coach very seriously! :) With Grayson, he was a huge help, but we also had a doula for support. This time around, it'll just be me and Scott. I'll be doing it unmedicated again, and I know he'll be a huge help with getting through it! Though, he reminds me I'm not supposed to talk about it as being painful! Lol! Maybe I'll be one of those moms who has a pain-free birth...or maybe it's like my friend Breanna said -- those moms are unicorns. 


First Dentist Appointment - March 2016

First Dentist Appointment - March 2016

Drawing that another patient at the dentist gave to Grayson!

First movie! Zootopia! - March 2016

Playing at the library - March 2016

Fun on the bouncy house at a birthday party - February 2016

Yeah, I know these are the updates you REALLY care about! Grayson is about 2 1/2 years old now and I feel like he just grew up over night or something. He moved to his "big boy room" in January and has been sleeping in his full-sized bed ever since. No more rocking to sleep, but we do still lay down with him until he falls asleep each night. The majority of nights, he sleeps through the night, but on the rare occasion that he wakes up -- we just go lay back down with him (and, let's be real, fall asleep in there). It's all-around a much better system for us than rocking and laying him in his toddler bed.

We finally took away the pacifier about a month ago! He had only been using it for sleeping and hadn't even had one at school for an entire year, so it was really time to let it go. We went cold-turkey with it. The first nap was the hardest. He cried for about half an hour while we snuggled and consoled him. But after that, it really wasn't that bad. It only took a few days before he stopped asking for it, and it took about a week and a half before he started sleeping through the night again. Before that he would wake up and have trouble falling back asleep without it. But we're good for now! The big test will be how he does when/if Adam starts using one. I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm hoping enough time will have passed that he won't be too upset by it.

He's daytime potty trained! He wears underwear at all times except over night, when he still wears a diaper. Some nights he wakes up totally dry, others he soaks his diaper. My plan is basically to wait until he's staying dry consistently before we move to underwear over night. And while he still has accidents every now and then, he's been doing amazingly well with it all! His teachers at school are shocked at how quickly he took to it. He's been using the potty for almost a full year now, just sporadically, so it wasn't really an overnight thing. But we randomly decided to start timing it and keeping him in underwear one weekend and by Tuesday of that week, he was going to school in regular underwear! I never would have imagined it would be that easy! I'm so proud of him! :)

He fell and chipped one of his front teeth on the bathtub a couple weeks ago. :( But fortunately, the chip isn't too noticeable and he hasn't seemed too bothered by it since. He also had is first dentist appointment this week! It was such a great experience. You can blame the pregnancy hormones, but I actually teared up as we were leaving because it was such a positive experience! Grayson handled everything like a champ, the office staff were wonderful, and one of the teenage patients in the waiting room drew a picture of Grayson for him to keep. And the dentist was not too concerned about the chipped tooth. He said he did notice the two front teeth were a little darker than the rest, likely from blood pooling in them, like a bruise. Unfortunately, they will probably not get much better, but hopefully won't get worse. He gave us some things to check for, just in case, and did mention that they might fall out a bit sooner than they otherwise would have, but for now they are not concerning.

Grayson also took his first trip to the movies! We went to see Zootopia. He did such a great job! He ate a TON of popcorn (it's a Curley thing!), spent some time in each of our laps and some time in his own chair, and spent some time crawling around on the floor... ha! But for the most part he actually paid attention to the movie and was quiet. There were a few times he asked us questions rather loudly, and he sort of yelled at the kid behind him to "STOP THAT!" when he was kicking his chair. Oops! haha! Fortunately there were tons of kids in the theater, so he wasn't the only one with some occasional distractions!

I think that's pretty much it for milestones. As usual, his vocabulary is through the roof and he continues to amaze me with all he can do! Lately I've been impressed with how well he can "read" books. As in, he flips through them and talks about what he sees. Some of the books we've read over and over he actually has perfectly memorized!


3D ultrasound taken at 28 weeks

He kicks and moves around CONSTANTLY! It actually hurts some of the time. But the doctor tells me he's perfect! We have an appointment next week with another ultrasound (last one was at 28 weeks - 3D) and my Group B strep test. I'll be 35 weeks on Tuesday...hard to think I may only have 5 weeks left! Yes, I'm ready for it to be over and beyond ready to meet this little boy, but in other ways it feels like it's gone by very quickly.

His room is almost finished. We basically kept it all the same as it was with Grayson, with some slight rearranging, but I do plan to decorate with some more personalized items for him. That's still a work in progress! We have all of the early baby stuff down from the attic, cleaned/washed, and ready to go! Now all that's left other than some finishing touches on the nursery is packing our hospital bags!

I'm sure I'm forgetting some essential updates about our lives, but those are the things this pregnant brain can recall! We're looking forward to a trip to my mom's house this weekend--my last big trip before Adam comes. And the first week of April, Scott and Grayson will be going to South FL for his grandpa's 90th birthday. I'll be sitting that one out, which is going to be insane because I haven't been home alone for extended periods in, well, 2 1/2 years! I don't know what I'll do with myself! But I'm looking forward to it! I'm sure it'll be a long, long time before I experience that again!

Until several months from now! (ha!)

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