Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi, friends!

I want to apologize for my absence this summer. Summer classes were really kicking my butt, and I didn't have much spare time to blog. After classes ended, Scott & I went to Florida to spend a week with his family. I did not even get on a computer the whole time we were there. This week I'm working a full 40 hours. I know lots of people have full-time jobs and still maintain a blog, but I'm not used to it! I doubt I'll do much blogging next week either b/c my sister Alora will be spending the week with me. I can't imagine watching me blog would be the most thrilling thing for her to do. On the other hand, last summer she was with us for 2 weeks and spent the whole time helping us pack, paint, and move into our new house. I'm sure almost anything is better than that!

There she is. So stinkin' cute! Unfortunately I don't get to see her very often, so I look forward to the time I get to spend with her during the summer. Not sure what we'll do. I still have to work in the mornings from 8-12. On the afternoon agendas I've thought of a wide variety of activities found in the fabulous town of Statesboro, GA. Such at one of the 6 stores we have to offer, frozen yogurt, coffee shops, bowling, Wild Life Center, GSU Museum, ice cream, Splash in the Boro (a true Statesboro gem...our very own water park!), and...that's about it! I'm sure we'll do the normal girly, sisterly things like braid each other's hair, do makeovers, and have pillow fights... okay. We probably won't do that. At least not the pillow fight part!

In other news, things are going well with the kitten. Thank you all for your sweet comments on that post! We actually ended up naming him Gus, also known as Gus Gus. :) He was very afraid of our cat Zoe at first. He hid under the bed a lot and she hissed at him every chance she got. Then, within a few days, they seemed mostly fine around each other. They largely ignored one another. Then we left them alone together while we were out of town for nearly a full week. We had a neighbor check on them each day, but mostly they had to spend time together. Now I'm not really sure what to say about their behavior. They seem to fight a lot more now, but I can't tell if it's really fighting or if it's playing. They chase each other around, but Zoe makes a lot of noise and seems to get annoyed with Gus pretty quickly. That could just be an age difference. I'm not sure if Gus is trying to establish dominance, or if he's just being an annoying kitten. Scott is concerned about their behavior and feels guilty for putting Zoe in this position. I think it's still early and I'm sure they'll work it out eventually. Here are some pictures of the kitties:

This is when we first brought him home :)

He takes a lot of naps and he's super cuddly

So cute!

He doesn't like it when I'm sitting at the desk... he demands attention!

he and Zoe Cat do play some 

Zoe Cat investigating 

pretty Zoe Cat...watching Gus very carefully... 
Well, I don't think there's much else going on with me these days. I hope all is well with you guys! I do miss blogging and hope to do more of it soon. I'm afraid it just might not be as frequent since I'll be in school again in just a couple weeks. :( I also want to try blogging with more of a purpose. I used to only blog about thoughts, questions, and prayers that had to do with my Christian faith and journey. Then I decided to open it up to any and all things that came to mind. After a while I feel like I've moved almost entirely away from blogging about things of substance. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of that soon! I realized I'm no fashion blogger, I don't tell quirky stories, I'm not an expert photographer (nor do I have a nice camera), and I don't have 1,000+ followers and do all the things that the most popular and well-known bloggers do. I don't even know how to make a button! For a while there I really wanted to be like them (like some of you!). But now I've realized it's fruitless to try and be someone I'm not. So from now on, I may still write about random stuff in addition to the more meaningful topics, but I'm going to do my best to be 100% me! I'm not going to try to win followers. I started this blog to share God's love and the lessons he teaches me with others. I want to go back to fulfilling that purpose. Hope you like it! (Whenever it happens...I've still got that tricky schedule to consider!).

Again, I'm sorry for the long absences. I miss you guys and I appreciate those who have said they miss me! I will try to be better!!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We are picking up our new kitten in exactly 15 minutes!

I'm so excited to meet the little guy! So far I've only seen this picture:

Isn't he amazing?

I'm a little nervous about what Zoe Cat will think of him.

Hopefully she will love him.

She probably will hate him.

But I'm hoping with some time they can come to get along.

We're thinking of naming him Basil
(pronounced like Bazil).

But we won't make our final decision until we get to know him.

Pictures of his introduction to the black beast will be forthcoming.

Happy Hump Day!

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