Friday, May 27, 2011


Well, everyone, we finally made it! The last day of the 30 day photo challenge! I only skipped a couple days which I think is pretty good. I'm glad I did the challenge because it gave me an opportunity to share some memories that I otherwise wouldn't have though to. But I admit I grew weary of the challenge about 10 days ago, and I'm excited that it's over! Now I can go back to the freedom of blogging about whatever the heck I want! Man, I didn't realize how good I had it! haha!

Today's challenge is a photo of someone you miss. The easier question would be who do I NOT miss? I don't live near most of my friends and family, so I miss a lot of people. But I'm going to go with my brother Brett. We were super close growing up. He is 5 years younger than me, but we usually got along pretty well--when I wasn't trying to get him out of my room when I had friends over! We were like best friends. Now...I don't see him very often and we don't talk nearly as much. We still have the same dynamic as soon as we get together, but I miss seeing him all the time. We have a very similar sense of humor, but beyond that we have very little in common. Now that we're both adults (I guess 20 years old is adult...), we don't have much that draws us together. I definitely miss that closeness that we used to have. I hope one day we're more on the same page again and get to see each other more often. He recently moved down to Florida and is only about 20 minutes away from my mom's house. This means I can see him whenever I visit her. For the longest time I had to visit each of my family members separately. Now I can FINALLY start combining some visits! Anyway, on to the pictures!

At my wedding.
Brett dubbed this move
"The Cowboy"

Yeah...he's really silly.
This was Christmas 2010

After my bridal shower...

And it got sillier!

After my college graduation
May 2008

Hanging out at my dad's
Like my hat?
We call it "The Party Hat"
Only to be worn when partying is taking place.

This was my senior year of high school...back in the day.
These were the days when we were super close.

New Years 2009

Christmas 2008
He's ALWAYS on his cell phone!

At my rehearsal dinner with my sister.
No, it was not a fancy rehearsal dinner.
In fact, it was a cookout and pool party!
Well, there ya have it! Day 30! is my last day of work before my vacation! Tonight we head to Orlando to spend the weekend with my sister-in-law. Then Monday morning it's straight to Animal Kingdom for our first day of Disney World!

That's the landmark for Animal Kingdom.
The big tree.
Okay...I don't know what it's REALLY called.

Have a GREAT 3-day weekend! I may schedule some posts between now and June 5th when I'm back in town...or maybe not! Either way, I wish you all the best! :)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Smile! :)

Today's challenge is a picture that will always make me smile. That would have to be any picture of my niece, Kyli. I know I've already posted about her a few times, but whatever, I'm a proud Aunt! Deal with it. :)

This is when she was about 6 months old. Hilarious, huh?
This picture will DEFINITELY always make me smile.
She was so excited by the orange light on my camera.
Everytime I tried to take a picture her eyes got HUGE.
It was amazing.

Now she's 2 years old and SO beautiful!
I can't help but smile when I look at her.
She's the BEST.
I'm sure you all have children, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins etc...
And you think they are the BEST and CUTEST.
you're wrong.
So sorry.

Sorry for the short posts these days. Busy with school work before the big Disney trip! My attraction picture of the day is the classic Epcot golf ball looking thing...
I remember last time I went there I thought the ride inside that ball was REALLY boring. I also didn't care for the countries. All in all I thought the majority of Epcot was not very kid-friendly. But as an adult, I'm super excited about going back. I'll ride that boring ride just because it's something you HAVE to do. And I'm actually looking forward to the countries. Now that I care about traveling, it'll be like little mini-trips. And I can see England again...sorta. :) And apparently there are some thrill rides that my parents neglected to inform me of last time we were Mission Space (which I think is actually new since I went) and Test Track. So, I'm really pumped!

Happy Almost-Friday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm combining efforts today. The photo challenge is a picture of something I'm afraid of. Bugs immediately come to mind, but I already posted that for something I hate.

Then I thought of the Disney attraction that I'm really looking forward to, but also TERRIFIED to ride!

That's right! Hollywood Studio's Tower of Terror. I've never been on this one. The only other time I've ever been to Hollywood Studios we didn't ride it because we were only going to be there for a few hours and the wait was already like 2 hours long, plus my little sister was only 5 and obviously could not ride it. So, we skipped it. I was partially glad and partially disappointed. This time I will NOT miss out on it, but I will be shaking uncontrollably and possibly hyperventilating during the whole thing! Can't wait!

PS--online class course work is going well. Plowing through it as quickly as I can so that I don't have to do much on vacation.

PPS--I doubt I'll have time to schedule posts for next week, nor will I have ANY desire to log on to write blogs in between doing school work and enjoying Disney World. So, you will more than likely have to go a week without me. I know it's hard. But you can do it! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me and the Sis

Today's challenge is a picture of me and a family member. I chose my sister Alora. She's 16, beautiful, and...I don't get to see her very often. But when I do see her, we have such a blast together! Last summer she came and stayed with me for 2 weeks and, bless her heart, was roped into helping us paint a ton and move! And she came to work with me! Fun visit! haha! I hope she gets to come visit again this summer. We'll try to make it more worth her while! :)

This was during that "fun" summer visit. We were touring the GSU campus...hence the sweat. 

Me, Alora, and Mom this past Christmas

Getting ready for my wedding

So, that's it! :)

Meanwhile, I've been working like crazy on my online course work so that I don't have as much to do during the Disney trip. Speaking's my Disney picture of the day....

Pirates!!! Woohoo!!! Can't wait!
I haven't been since they added the details from the movie (Jack Sparrow, Barbosa, Davy Jones, etc..)
I was against adding the movie characters to the original ride at first,
but now I've accepted it and I'm excited. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011


I have failed you all! (As if you are actually keeping up with this photo challenge and caring!) This weekend was crazy busy, so I didn't post at all. And today I am tired and really don't feel like posting something for the challenge. Saturday was supposed to be something I wish I could change. I don't really have an answer for that. I wish a lot of things could be different, but I don't even know where to begin or what picture to post. Sunday was a picture of "my day." Well, my day yesterday went a little something like this:

7:10 AM: Wake up and get ready for church
8:15 AM: Leave for church (20 minute drive)
8:40--10:45 AM: Set up church (we meet in a local high school so everything from the band equipment to the signs to the entire children's church area has to be set up and taken down each week by volunteers and staff).
10:45--12:00: Work with the kids in Konnection Kids (Children church)
12:00--12:45: Pack up and take down church materials
1:00-1:35: Lunch with some friends
1:40--2:15: Grocery shopping
2:15--2:45: Drive home
3:00--6:30: Put away groceries, clean house, wash cars, etc...
6:30--7:45: Cook dinner for us and cook a casserole for our neighbors (the husband is recovering from surgery and his mom was in the hospital. She passed away early this morning)
7:45--8:30: Chat with neighbors
8:30--9:30: Read chapter in Respectable Sins for church small group with hubby
9:30--10:00: get ready for bed, read a chapter in my book, SLEEP

So....there really isn't anything all that exciting in there to take a picture of to post!

And today I was hoping to start my summer classes online, but technology has failed me again and they are not showing up on my account. I've been through the runner with the IT people all morning. Finally they have concluded that one class should be up tomorrow (delay b/c I registered late last week) and the other class doesn't actually start until next week (no idea why it starts a week later than all the others...). So, hopefully that class will post sooner rather than later, but that's entirely up the professor. My concern is that we'll be in Disney World all next week. I was hoping to know my class assignments before then so I could do as much work ahead of time as possible (and I'm really anxious to make sure we don't have any scheduled chats or anything for that time!). But if he doesn't open up the class content until next Tuesday I'll have no way to get work done in advance and will be logging in while in Orlando and seeing what I have to do then. I really hope things work out to where that is not an issue and it doesn't mess up my vacation. I was planning to be in the Magic Kingdom on Tuesday. And we were planning to be there ALL DAY. Like until the late hours of the night! I really don't want to take a break to come back to the hotel and do school work. NO FUN! But we shall see.

Anyway, today was supposed to be a picture of something that means a lot to me. That could be any thing or any one that I have already posted about (except bugs!!!). So, there ya go! haha!

But I will leave you with some Disney attractions that I'm super excited about! :)

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom! We'll be there one week from today!!! OH YEAH! :)
Last time I went to Animal Kingdom this ride did not exist.
I'm SO excited to ride it for the first time.
It goes backwards!
I LOVE a good backwards roller coaster! :)

And another amazing thrill ride! The Rock-n-Roller-Coaster! :)
I've only been on this one once before, but it was amazing!
That 0-60 start really gets ya!

Well, happy Monday, folks! Hope it's going a little more positively than mine is!


Friday, May 20, 2011


Today's challenge is my favorite book. Knowing me, I couldn't pick just one. Here are some of the BEST ones! :)

The Bible. Duh. It's the living, moving, breathing Word of God. Check it out!

Umm...if you haven't read this book (and the other 2 in the series), you need to go to the store,
online, or the library and get it.
Trust me.
It will change your life.
Yes, I know it's a Young Adult book.
It makes it even better!
Ok...maybe it won't change your life.
But you'll love it.
And recommend it to you ALL your friends!
Like I'm doing now. :)

This is one of the most inspiring and encouraging books I have EVER read!
It is faith-based, so it's great for Christians.
you don't have to be a Christian to love it.
It's about humanity.
And helping others.
This one really could change your life.

This is a classic.
I admit I had to read it in school.
But I loved it!
I couldn't stop reading.
Definitely a more challenging read than some of the others.
But it's worth it.

Okay, this book looks really scary.
And I admit it kind of is.
It's about the world after a nuclear holocaust.
Oh yeah, and the devil is running rampant.
BUT the characters are loveable.
The story is so intense you won't be able to put the book down until you've read all 900 something pages.
Yes, it's long.
But it reads quickly.
AND forgiveness and mercy play a big role.
And inner beauty.
So, even though it's scary,
you can take away some positive messages.
They shine through all the grit and gore.
Trust me.

You've all read these books, right?
I mean, I didn't even bother with the Harry Potter books.
Because you've all already read them.
And mostly b/c I couldn't pick a favorite out of all 7.
Well, Twilight is in the realm.
Books you can't stop reading.
Stories that tug on  your heart strings
make you cry
and throw the book across the room in frustration.
And who doesn't love a good love triangle???
PS--another reason to read The Hunger Games!!
So, that's it! I could list tons more, but I won't. These are just the ones that are my go-to suggestions for people, and the ones that have impacted me the most.

Side note #1: Our AC was fixed yesterday! Just in time for it to raise back up to the insufferable 90-something degrees. Thank you Jesus for the cold front while our AC was out, and for your perfect timing in the solution! :)

Side note #2: I discovered that I have exactly as many photo challenge posts left as there are days until our anniversary vacation time begins! Next Friday will be my last challenge, and it will also be my last day of work before having a week off to go to DISNEY WORLD!!!

In the spirit of getting hyped up...I plan to post a picture of 1 Disney attraction a day, in addition to my other photo challenge pictures.

Today I pick the most noteable landmark...Cinderella's Castle. Boy, I cannot wait to come up on this baby in just a matter of days! :)

A Dream is a wish your heart makes.... :-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Dance!

I'm on Day 22 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge. Today's challenge is something I wish I was better at. I always wish I could be a really amazing singer. I think it's because I'm already a good singer, which just makes me want to be better. BUT since I'm already okay at singing, I chose something else that I really don't think I'm good at but wish that I was. DANCING! I have taken dance classes, gotten low at many a party and bar, and regularly attended Cardio Dance classes and played Just Dance 2 on the Wii for exercise. I've even been on a Christian dance team. But I'm just kidding myself. I have no natural rhythm, I'm terribly clumsy, and I always seem to be a half beat off from everyone else. Now I will display some of my dancing moments...if only pictures could capture just how bad it is...

Sometimes you just don't know what to do.
PS--I was on the Orientation Team at school.
Hence the horrible outift.

Speaking of horrible outfits...
This was that dance team I was telling you about.
The horror, the horror...!

Scott & I like to act like we know what we're doing.
At least we're ridculously good looking.
It helps.

Sometimes it's not so good.
Yes, I realize how scary and weird this picture is.

A classic dance move.
Come hither.
Don't make me do this alone.
It's ok. This was my bachelorette party.
I was having a blast despite my dance abilities.
And I totally turned the floor into my own person stage when they played
"Pour Some Sugar on Me"

There I go with bills in my chest again.
How does this keep happening with me?
Maybe I have some sick secret fantasy about exotic dancing...
Doubt it.

My wedding was a great time to dance.
And I did a lot of it.
This is me doing the FoxTrot with my Grandpa.

We acted like we knew what we were doing.
Someone asked if we took lessons.
I said I would have demanded a refund if that was the case.
But who cares? It was fun!

I think we were getting down to some Usher's "Yeah."
Gotta have that finger dance.
That's dancing GOLD, right there!

It's okay b/c we're in love :)

Notice Scott's face.
Totally unsure of what he's doing.
I think just before this I said,
"Aren't you going to do anything??"

Well, those are just some of my fabulous dancing moments. There were more horrible costumes, off-pace steps, and even some crashing stumbles at times. I have a scar on my knee from falling down at a wedding while trying to "dip" my sister-in-law. Oops!

What do you wish YOU could do better?


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking the Rules!!

So, today's challenge is a photo of something I wish I could forget. offense to the creator of this challenge (whoever you may be...I seriously doubt you read my blog...but if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who was the creator...please pass this message along), I think that's a really terrible topic! Why would I want to devote a post to something I want to forget? It's the exact opposite reason for me even doing this challenge. I wanted a chance to remember fun times and think about happy things and share it with others. So, um, yeah...I'm skipping it!! :-)

Instead I'm going to post some pictures from the past few weeks that I haven't been able to share or talk about b/c of this darn photo challenge!

This is my BEA-U-TI-FUL niece Kyli. She just turned 2! :)
We went up to celebrate and visit a couple weeks ago.

She got all dressed up for "work." Those are my shoes, my keys in her pocket, and Scott's belt around her waist!

Zoe Cat has been extra snuggly lately. I think it's the cold front...We take it for affection, but she's just seeking warmth.
It's always survival with that one. Not so much love.

This gorgeous girl graduated with her Master's in English this past weekend
PS--she's my sister-in-law/one of my best friends
AKA she's the love of my life
other than my husband
who is her brother

Erin with her mom (my mother-in-law) and her grandmother

She never takes a bad picture. She has amazing hair that she can go days without washing and it's still perfect.
And she recently lost like...idk...20 pounds or something amazing.
She makes me sick.


Oh, and I got some new clothes.
By that I mean I got a new shirt and a couple bottoms.
I so wish I could afford cute, stylish, new clothes more often.
But alas...the times are few and far between. Therefore--they must be documented!

PS--that's a Miley Cyrus top.
If you were wondering how cool I am,
the answer is
Okay, that's it for today, folks!

Oh yeah! Our AC has been out in our house since last week! We had Scott's whole family at our house for Erin's graduation. It was 96 degrees. No AC. ICK! Thank Jesus there has been a cold front this week so we have actually been quite comfortable (even cold at times!) with just the windows open. This is unheard of weather in South GA. I take it as a personal blessing. Deal with it! ;-)

Have a happy Hump Day Blog Land!
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