Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being Preggers

Now that I have announced and shared my initial thoughts with you, I can fill you in on all that's been happening! Sorry, I haven't been blogging. I find that all my thoughts surround my pregnancy and this little miracle that is growing inside me, and it's hard to think of anything else to write! Even my morning Bible studies have all seemed to somehow relate to the baby in some way or another. Moms, you know what I'm talking about!! But anyway--the cat's out of the bag, and I'm back!

I'm 12 weeks along so far. The baby is due October 9th. I should hopefully find out the sex at my next OB appointment which is April 17th (3 weeks away!). I'm so excited! I already can't wait to meet my little one, and I haven't even felt him or her move yet! 

I haven't had any morning sickness. My mornings are actually my best time of day. But by mid-afternoon I usually start to feel pretty sluggish and sometimes nauseous, and it tends to get worse as the day progresses. I often feel miserable by the time I'm crawling into bed at night. But I haven't actually been throwing up, which is a huge blessing! I've only missed one day of work so far. And it does seem to be getting better. Everyone kept telling me that the skies would open and rainbows and puppies would shower me with happy-good feelings once I hit 12 weeks. I felt awful yesterday and went to bed hoping that the rumors were true and today would be a totally different story. I'm not sure it's living up the hype just yet, but I don't feel too awful. I'm optimistic that by the 2nd trimester I will have kicked this nausea nonsense! 

I've got a budding baby bump (gotta love the alliteration!), but haven't actually gained any weight yet. I'm sure most of this is just bloating, but there is a definite popping occurring in my lower belly. I'm eager for it to look like a real baby bump and not just extra pounds. I want people to look at me and know that I'm pregnant. But I have another month or two before that will likely happen. I went shopping for maternity clothes last weekend, just because, and was unsuccessful. It's too soon and most of the clothes made me look fatter than I am. I was able to score two adorable and super comfy maxi skirts and a pair of amazing yoga pants. Fortunately all my work pants still fit since they were still a little big from previous weight-loss, but my evening and weekend pants (aka jeans) have gotten a bit snug. Now I'm all about the yoga pants, baby! They are far more flattering than PJ bottoms or my hubby's sweats. 

We bought baby furniture a couple days ago! I know it's early, but we found an amazing deal on Craig's List and got a crib, mattress, changing table, and a glider w/ ottoman for only $200 total! It's all good quality stuff, too. Right now it is living in a storage closet in the garage. We haven't decided when we're going to start working on the nursery (probably after we find out the sex), but I have no idea what we're going to do with the stuff already in that room (it's our office/music room). 

Well---I think this post is sufficiently long enough! Now on to the rest of our announcement pictures and of course, baby Curley's debut photo shoot. :)

We found this at the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN. How perfect! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2 Pink Lines

Coming October 2013! :) 

I wrote the following post right after finding out I was pregnant and I have been saving it until I was ready to announce. So much has changed since then! I now have answers to some of my questions, and my brain has definitely shifted to BABY!! But I still wanted to share my initial reactions, if nothing else, just to remind myself later. :) More recent updates to come soon!

Yes, it's true! I took a pregnancy test and saw those 2 little pink lines that told me I'm pregnant! :) To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything from taking the test. I was silently cursing myself for wasting one when I knew if I just waited a couple more days I would have my period and know this whole pregnancy thing was still a work in progress. But I wanted to know because I had a really bad cold and was wondering if the cold medicine I was taking could be hurting a baby. I was not expecting to see that second line! At first I thought it couldn't be true. The line was pretty faint; maybe it was a mistake. But it clearly says on the box that 2 lines means pregnant no matter if either line is faint.

I told Scott and we laughed and smiled and hugged and high fived (true story), but it still didn't feel real. We wanted to be sure that it wasn't a mistake, that we weren't getting hyped up over nothing. So, we immediately headed to the doctor for a more official test. I also wanted to make sure my cold wasn't developing into anything worse. The doctor confirmed the results and eased my worries about the cold and we set off to call parents and siblings and let it all sink in.

I'm actually writing this post the very next day. I'm probably only a couple weeks along. I'm not ready to announce it to Facebook or the blog...but I wanted to write it now and save it for later.

Remember when I wrote about the life monster waiting for me? Well, it seems to be here in full force! I have a job interview this Friday (Feb. 1st), I'm finished with school, and I'm preggers! That's real life, folks! So far it's not scary, but I have a feeling it will be. I haven't really thought much about finances or whether or not I'll go back to work or what if things don't work out somehow... I guess part of that is because it's brand new and my mind hasn't had time to let all that wash over me. But mostly I think it's because I trust that God will provide for us and everything will work out according to His perfect plan. So what's to worry about?

I'm sure one day, and probably soon, I'll start wondering about my baby. Whether it's a boy or a girl, what it will look like, whether it'll be colicky, what kind of personality he/she will have, what color eyes, will he/she be a redhead?? But right now I'm not really thinking about those things. I think my brain is still processing pregnant and hasn't really gotten to baby yet. Maybe because right now it's just a little pen-point size ball of cells. But all I am wondering about right now is how I will feel being pregnant.

How big will I get? Will I have terrible morning sickness? What will it be like to have boobs?? Will there be any complications? Will I love every minute and enjoy the blessing or be in such discomfort that I'm ready for it to end? When will I need maternity clothes? Am I going to "glow?"

I's all terribly self-centered. I know I will soon come to care more about the baby than my own pregnant self. But now it's just this mystery of an experience that I've only imagined. And so many people have different experiences...there is no guarantee of how my body will respond or how I will feel. I can't wait to find out!

I am eager for signs of pregnancy! My dad warned me not to rush it because many of those signs are unpleasant. But I want to know what I will crave and what will make me want to puke. I want to know if I'll sleep peacefully through the night or toss and turn. I want to have a baby bump! I know I've got several months before any of this happens. But right now it's all I can think about!

Until then, I'm just getting more and more excited about what is to come! I don't even care about not drinking wine I'm so happy! ha!! ;)

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