Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sermon Notes - 1.15.17

I'm a note taker at church, but sometimes my mind starts to wander and I lose interest. I think about what I'm going to do for the rest of the day. What we're making for dinner that night. How little sleep I got the night before. And suddenly I'm behind on my notes and have totally missed the point of the message. This past Sunday, I tried something new. Instead of writing standard notes, I wrote them in a sort of poem. Mostly rhyming couplets, which is kind of my thing, but my scheme wasn't really consistent. You would think it would be difficult to focus while trying to come up with a poetic way to jot down the points, but I actually found myself much more engaged with the message. I felt like the Spirit was moving through me as I wrote. I don't know if I'll always take notes like this, but it was pretty awesome! And I thought I would share with you all! These are the notes on Brandon Williams' message "Everyday Christian: Week 2" from Jan.15, 2017.

These are not edited or polished. This is how I wrote it in church.

Revelation - transformation - declaration.
Grace, thanks, service, praise.

Tired and tarnished, overworked
Trying to love with a heart that's broke.
Shiny finish over rust and sin,
through the struggles of life - so easily chipped.

Holiness does not exist
without the holiness of Him.
Only with God's love can our love be true.
The Holy Spirit who makes us new.

My old habits lie in wait.
So easy to return, retreat, or run--
but face The Cross and see the way.

One step at a time on that narrow path,
lifted up by He who took on God's wrath.

Let's lift and raise our hands and our friends
with reverent fear and love of Him.
Abba Father, good and kind
will also judge my heart and mind.

Jesus stands and holds my hand.

Gives His righteousness, perfection
and so this is my revelation.

Clean to unclean. Unclean to clean.
This the work Jesus did for me.
So, become a fisher of men.
Jesus tosses me, the net.

Declare the work of what's been done
by Christ the Lord, the Holy One.

Our sin and filth painfully revealed,
a necessary step to being healed.
This healing, transforming--such high a cost
Jesus slain to save the lost.

This Perfect Lamb was not surprised
to have to die for you and I.
This was the plan from the very start.
We were not an afterthought.

Baffled, doubtful, it's hard to believe,
but the resurrection is the key.
Peter, Paul, such sinful men,
then chose to die to honor Him?
And then there's James--also to Mary was born,
writes parts of the Bible, calls Jesus his Lord.

So many reasons it must be true--
strengthens this life that's been given anew.
My heart has been changed, my salvation secured
because of the death that He has endured.

But he rose again, resurrected, Alive.
And so such is true for both you and I.

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