Thursday, October 20, 2016

Adam is 5 Months!!

So, I started this blog a couple weeks ago and never got around to finishing it. Now we are just one week away from turning 6 months and I can't remember what was true a couple weeks ago and what is better suited for the 6 month post! But I also don't want to just delete it and not have a recap for this month. Because one day I may want to look back and see if he was rolling in both directions by now (he's not). haha! So, forgive this ridiculously short update! More to come in the upcoming 6-month update! 

Watching me dry my hair

Tummy time!

Happy boy!

Little spidey for Super Hero Day at Kids World

Loves his daddy! :)

brotherly love... lol!


I feel like I just wrote the 4-month blog! And here we are, 5 months old already! It feels like it's FLYING by! I know everyone always says that, but I am really just blown away by how quickly time is passing this year. One more month and he'll be sitting in a high chair eating food. Excuse me?!

Adam is a master of rolling from back to tummy. He does it almost immediately when we lay him on the floor to play. He still hasn't quite figured out tummy to back yet. It was this month of life that Grayson started the log roll for getting around, so I'm expecting that it's right around the corner. Adam holds his head up high, and can lift onto his forearms with no issues. He tries to get up onto his knees, but so far he just kicks furiously and pulls at the blanket to try to pull himself along. He enjoys being on his tummy, but I think he gets frustrated when he can't move forward or roll the other direction, so he'll start to fuss until we re-position him. But then he'll just roll back onto his tummy and fuss again. I'm constantly saying to him, "Well, don't roll onto your tummy if you don't want to be there!" But I know he's just trying to master a skill, so I let him work through it for a minute or so before rolling him back over or picking him up.

In the earlier months, I thought I had finally gotten my great sleeper! He liked to fall asleep laying in his crib, and he would wake only once a night most nights. But, no more! He's like a normal baby again. He prefers to nurse and rock while he falls asleep, or cuddle in our bed. He wakes at least twice, sometimes three times a night. He goes to bed between 6:30-7 every night and falls asleep really quickly. But sometimes in the middle of the night it can take a while to get him back to sleep. And while he did recover from the cold I wrote about in my last update (yes, we think it was a cold and not allergies), he is now sick with a new one! We have commenced the middle of the night snot sucking and running the humidifier. Which also means more difficulty sleeping. Oh's all part of the deal. At least I'm used to it from Grayson!

He laughs and babbles constantly! He all has a really loud, high-pitched happy squeal that he likes to use. He still rarely cries or fusses. He's a perfectly chill and happy baby!

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